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Allergies, Neck Tension and Wrist Pain are Gone

“ After seeing Dr. Kelly for regular visits, I am no longer suffering from allergies, neck tension or wrist pain! I always feel more relaxed after leaving her office. The adjustment techniques she uses are gentle and effective.” –Sammie P


Migraines Relieved

“I am thankful every day that I met Dr. Kelly and I’ve been going to her for years now. She has helped me reduce my migraine frequency and intensity significantly, when nothing else was able to help me with them for years. I am so grateful!”  –Michelle W


Leg Cramps Went Away Immediately

“I had extremely painful cramps that were keeping me up at night for a number of weeks. A friend suggested that I see Dr. Kelly. I could not believe that from that day forward I have not been plagued by cramps and have been able to sleep!” –Peggy L

Baby Stopped Crying Constantly

“When my daughter was born, she was constantly crying. I read on one of my Mom groups that one of the best ways to address is colic is by bringing my baby to a chiropractor. I am so thankful I did! After one adjustment, she stopped crying instantly, took a long nap that day and has been a different baby ever since. I can tell that she is much more comfortable and happier.” –Carley M


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